Organization Structure


The MSA Committee coordinates all activites within the realm of the Mauser Shooting Association.


The K98k Website
Mauser Shooting Association
MSA Volunteer Committee: Effectively runs the MSA, moderates all forums
and set the guidelines for all shoots.

K98k/MSA Firearm Forums
Duties: MSA moderators will ensure the smooth functioning of all forums.
Shoot Coordinators (World Wide Web)
Duties: Organize and execute MSA shooting events as per the directions of the MSA Committee.

Local Chapter Coordinators
Duties: Coordinate/encourage shooters in their area to participate in official/unofficial MSA events.

The "MSA Volunteer Committee" effectively runs the MSA free from outside interference. These MSA Committee Coordinators oversee the smooth functioning of all MSA forums and shooting events. The "Shoot Coordinators," who are members of the "MSA Committee," shall directly have control of all shooting events including rules etc.

Administrative Listings

MSA Volunteer Committee

MSA Webmaster: Will McCafferty Forum Name "Zod" Assistant MSA Webmistress: Rusti Kelley Forum Name "Kat" MSA Membership Coordinator: Rusti Kelley Forum Name "Kat" MSA Shoot Coordinator: James DeCaire Forum Name "WW2Buff" MSA Coordinator: Raymond Haines Forum Name "Blankwaffe" (Safety concerns) MSA Coordinator: Curtis Keith Forum Name "Curtis Keith" (Gunsmithing concerns) MSA Coordinator: Bob Wynn Forum Name "Boomer" MSA Coordinator: Top Gunny Forum Name "AKTopgunny" MSA Coordinator: Dave Emary Forum Name "DEmary" (Ballistics)

Special Advisory Positions

K98k Webmaster: Keith Boell Forum Name "K98k"

Local Chapter Coordinators

Local Chapter Coordinator: Raymond Haines Forum Name "Blankwaffe" Tennessee Local Chapter Coordinator: Rob Cloud Forum Name "Blackcat" Texas (Salado/Ft. Hood area) Local Chapter Coordinator: Art Shaw Forum Name "fiveofsevin" Texas (Houston area) Local Chapter Coordinator: Robert Harrelson Forum Name "SC Closer" North/South Carolina/Georgia Local Chapter Coordinator: Bob Hurley Forum Name "Bob H 98k" Kentucky (Louisville/Ft. Knox area) Local Chapter Coordinator: Michael Chua Forum Name "dergewehr98" Missouri (St.Louis area)

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If you have any questions please consult our guidelines or contact the related moderator/coordinator.

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