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September Group Shoot

The Ft.Hood, Salado shoot on Sept 21st was fun for all. The distinguishing thump of the Mauser paled the whiny pop of the AR-15 and M-16's that where present on the range.. It is easy to say that the Mauser ruled the Sportsman range today. Here are the results:

Jeff Shonkwiler (Jeffs98) was the winner of the Free style shooting. And what an outstanding job!!!. He was firing a k98 (captured). Nice marking too.

Rob Cloud (Blackcat) captured first place in the combat style shooting. Off hand I might add. Blackcat was firing a Yugo M-48A.

Rob Cloud (Blackcat)

Houston Texas Chapter
N/S Carolina/Georgia Chapter
March Group Shoot

View the results of the January and March shoots here.

Louisville/Ft. Knox Kentucky Chapter
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