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Modern "assault" type rifles such as the M16 or AK-47 are all the rage today. However, many shooters still shoot and in some cases prefer to shoot vintage military rifles from an era gone by. One could even so as far as referring to them as "Yesterday's Assault Rifles." These usable and collectible guns have many things going for them. In addition to their durability and ruggedness is their history.

Every vintage rifle comes with a story. Where else can you buy pieces of history at reasonable prices compared to many commercial weapons. These guns hearken back to such periods and events as the glory days of the French Foreign Legion, the height of the British Empire, and the various battles of WWI/WWII. Each is unique in its own way and most fire powerful calibers.

Such great weapons include the SMLE, SKS, Carcano, Springfield, Swiss Schmidt-Rubin, French MAS, M1 Grand/Carbine, Moisin-Nagant, Arisaka and the many Mauser variations. Many of these weapons have seen a couple of World Wars, and a number of smaller conflicts. Such rifles are not considered obsolete, mere "curios and relics" to all shooters.

Many consider these old military rifles to be classic firearms and continue to use them as shooters. Going to the range and standing there with a K98k next to the guy with an AK47 or other modern design and shooting as well, is to say the least an ego boost. The Mauser, in many cases, shoots better and is just more fun because of its great history. Never forget these rifles were made at a time when skill labor was not yet awfully expensive and the fit and finish is often excellent.

So the "Mauser Shooting Association" exists to encourage people to enjoy their Mausers and other vintage rifles. What better way to do this than to take it out to the range and put it through its paces. It is our hope that people from all over the world will take part in MSA events to both educate and entertaining shooters and spectators alike.

Best Regards
Keith Boell & Rudy Rau
MSA Founders

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