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Offical MSA Bullet

Hornady 8mm

Hornady recently (Winter 2002) displayed its recognition of and support for the Mauser Shooting Association through a generous discounted product offering.

As a gesture of our appreciation for that support, the MSA is announcing that the Hornady line of 8X57 bullets are the Official MSA bullets. We recognize that many fine products, sold through highly reputable firms, are available for Mauser rifles. Hornady products rank at the top. Our assessment is based not only on Hornady's reputation, but on the actual performance of its 8mm bullets including the new Hornady 195 SP as reported by MSA members.

Visit the Hornady website at

Offical MSA Patch

If you would like your very own MSA Patch and display your pride in our organization please contact Zod at this address

These patches are 4" in diameter, and have an iron-on backing. However, there is sufficient border for sewing on, if that is you preference.

The cost is $5 each, shipping included to US addresses. Email for a price if living elsewhere.

The scan really doesn't do justice to the colors. These really do look fantastic.

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