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Tankdriver's early 1945 dated BYF all matching vet bring-back

Sgt. Quib's CDNN non-matching, laminate, Yugo capture K98k

bjames built this 43 dot sidemount k98 sniper.

MauserBill sent in these pics of his Wehrmannsgewehr in 8.15x46R.
Nice looking rifle!

FLHunter's 1936 S/243

Bolt/firing pin safety shoulders.  A: safe  B: unsafe

Cause for drooling-Bear's Swede's, M41b's. Check out the scopes and the wood!

Mario's daughter, Brittany, with a Yugo K98.

Curtis Keith, our resident gunsmith displays his M1D, a recent project. And he also shared some pictures taken
at the Camp Perry clinic. The teen wrapped up in Curtis' shooting jacket looks like a very friendly, well bundled Eskimo.

Tankdriver's collection

1. ZF41 BYF45 matching
2. ZF41 BYF45 Matching with Sight Adapter
3. Short Side Rail Matching
4. Low Turret Matching with Sight Cover
5. Hight Turret Matching with scope out being cleaned
6. Double Claw out of Laws book on page 126
7. CE 44 Swept Back matching With K43 Scope
8. Late K43 Matching with orginal mount and K43 scope
9. M41B

1. 91/30 Mosin Forced Matching
2. SVT40 Forced Matching
3. #4 MK1T Matching with Scope Case and Box

JJM98k's beautiful dou42

Dave Emary's recent contribution to the Display Page

L-M: Carcano 7.9 HK Conversion: R: Italian Carcano

L-R: G33/40 replica, G24(t) dou41, S42g K98, byf 41 bringback, M38 TS Carcano,
M38 Cavalry Carcano, HK Conversion-Carcano.

L-R: Original 7.9x33, same with Hornady 125 gr sp, 8x57 mm for contrast.

L-R Dave's byf 41, note his initials on the butt-a true sign it was
intended for him.


G24(t) on left and G33/40 replica on right.


bigdaddy's Scout Mauser project-a Yugo 98 in a ramline stock; Weaver T/c Contender base with
Tasco Red Dot.   Barrel cut to 18.5 inches.

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