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Rudy-CE44/M/M K98/Yugo M24/47/M1

Dan Culbert t-b s/147 1938:42/1940:s/42:BNZ

Dan Culbert's matching, excellent condition, collection. T-B: Kriegsmarine proofed(wood and disk) 243 1940; ce 41; s/42; 243 1939.


Mike P sends a photo of a G41M.

Here is a pic from about 1984; I still have the 98s. The 3 w/scopes are look-a-likes, ie original scopes fitted w/other than original rings/mts. (poor man's 98k sniper rifles). I am working on pics of all my put togethers to help inspire others if they are thinking about doing the same. Top to bottom-98k in Polish wood/ZF-41 mt on wielded rail/early pre-war scope/war time Hen/Wetz scope on Czeck 98k/Standerd Model 98. ...Bob H.

This pic was shot on a Sunday afternoon on my back porch.
L-R - DSM-34, S/243-1936, ce41, byf41, byf43, dou43, bcd/bnz4
byf44, ce44, G.33/40 945-1940 & KKW trainer. On top rail cyq P38,
along with two M42 & one M40 helmets & two M43 cammo covers. Five
assorted bayonets and scabbards on the deck.

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