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Rich VZ24 and Russian Boar( 1 shot)

Brian McGaffic K43

Rich K98

Scott L- 147/1940 and Radom 9mm

Michael's 1941 Portuguese Contract Rifle

Mike D high turret byf 44 b block 43 bbl Kahles 4x scope

Mike D k98 ar43 f block

Mike D vk98 bnz K98 bbl 3 digit sn

Mike D G41 (w) duv 43 w/letter block 42 bbl date lamstk w/scope rails

Mike D G41 (w) duv 43 h block no scope rails

Dan Culbert top to bottom: byf43: bcd 4: 1940 42 date: bnz 42

Two pictures from Karl. The first is his arsenal, the second, t-b: a dou44; bnz43; yugo k98; jp sauer 39; byf43-p38; and U.S. Army 45, Ithica made in 1943.

Bob H's G33/40 look alike.

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