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DAK's photo of his ce 43 Short Side Rail Sniper w/numbered Zeiss Zielvier Scope and numbered Hermann Weihrauch Waffenfabrik Zella-Mehils mt.

Slim's collection, T-B: M38 Turk w/walnut stock; M38 Turk with stock from Century; K98 in .308; K98 Pred.44, a retirement gift; M48A with teak stock. Nice looking group.

Prusakowski's G43's

Greg B sent in this photo: L-R;1912 Steyr .308 in vz24 stock;
1912 Steyr .308 in vz24 stock that has been cut 2" w/recoil pad; 
byf 43 K98; 1910 Swede 6.5x55 all matching; custom vz24 w/24" stainless .308 barrel, bold trigger w/side safety, fiberglass stock and Simmons scope; light weight vz24 18" .308 barrel, bold trigger w/side safety choate camo fiberglass stock, Simmons scope.

Bob H's picture of a K29 cutaway

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