Newsletter of the Division
                           #254 Thursday, April 12, 1945
                  Wehrmacht News Führer's headquarters, April 11, 45

     The cohesion of the front between the Drau and Danube (the Drau is a river
flowing east-southeast through southern Austria and Slovenia) has been re-stabilized
after multiple temporary breaks therein. The tenacious defenders of Vienna were 
pushed back to the Danube Canal after heavy fighting. Our units encountered and 
repulsed heavy attacks in the Danube-March-Winkel region. The Bolsheviks staged 
strong attacks in a northerly direction centered on (the cities) Hotic and Trentschin
but were repulsed. There are currently ongoing battles sooutheast of Ratibor (city?)
between the Kleine Tatra and Pommerschen Bucht (my guess is that these are rivers).
The defenders of Breslau repulsed heavy attacks from the south and west. Breaks in the
front line at St. Bernhardin cemetery and west of the Manfred von Richthofen Square
were sealed off. Our troops prevented the enemy from entering the Putzinger Nehrung (?)
in the Danziger Bucht region. There is ongoing heavy fighting centered on the town of
Ooswalde in the western Weichselniederung region. The enemy lost 20 tanks yesterday
during his attacks against the Samlaudfront. In the last 48 hours, 43 enemy aircraft
were shot down over the eastern front.

     Battles in Holland around Deventer and near Meppel are currently being reported.
In northwest Germany, our troops drove back British attacks against Quakenbrück and
Bersenbrück, and held against subsequent attacks. At the same time enemy tanks were
suffering heavy losses during their unsuccessful attacks on our positions in the 
lower Weser and Aller (rivers) region, the city of Hannover was lost after very bitter
house-to-house fighting. Enemy tanks continue their push to the east from both sides
of the city. East-moving American armored forces in the direction of Hamel-Hildesheim
(cities) stand (poised) in the northwest Harzgebiet (region) without resistance. The
defensive battles for the Ruhr area and Siegmündung-to-the-Möne Talsperre salient 
have increased dramatically. The enemy, who is attacking along the entire broad front,
has pushed our defensive forces out of Wanne-Eickel and Gelsenkirchen (cities) and 
towards the northern edges of Bochum and Essen, where bitter fighting continues. (Our)
attempts to re-cross the Ruhr (river) in (the city of) Steele were unsuccessful. Between
Siegburg and Olpe (cities), as well as further northeast, our units are defending 
themselves against American attacks from the south and east. The enemy has resumed his
attack north of the Thüringer forest, while to the west of Erfurt, heavy fighting has
begun. Strong enemy tank and infantry units advanced from the Thüringer forest and the
Main (river) towards the southeast. Our units were able to stop the enemy's progress at
Schwienfurt (city). Further advances by the enemy were also halted east of Würzburg 
and north of Uffenheim. Yesterday, during heavy fighting, the town of Crailsheim changed 
hands several times but remains in our posession. An enemy combat group managed to break 
out towards the northeast but was outflanked and sustained heavy losses. There was heavy
fighting along the Neckar and Rhine (rivers) southwest of Karlsruhe (city) without a 
significant shifting of the front.

     On the "western alps" front, our forward positions fought off numerous strong 
reconaissance attempts by a vastly numerically superior enemy.