In Italy, the British 8th army continues its attacks all along a broad
front southwest of Lake Comacchio.  The enemy was able to push back our
front line near Lugo-Alfonsine several kilometers only after applying a
maximum amount of materiel (my guess is that this means "after heavy
bombardment").  Our defensive fire squelched all enemy attacks against
our positions on the "Ligurischen Küste" (Küste = coast).
Central Germany was the target of heavy bombing raids by Anglo-American
bombers.  (The cities of) Leipzig and Plauen were particularly heavily
damaged.  The capitol city (Berlin) also sustained civilian casualties
and damage to buildings.  According to the latest reports, the enemy has
lost about 40 aircraft, the majority of which were 4-engine bombers.

Sicily's claims.  Milano:  News from enemy-occupied Sicily indicates
that there's great turmoil there.  The reports are that there is an
ever-increasing campaign to promote Sicily's independence.  Allegedly, a
committee consisting of individuals representing the prominent political
parties has been formed in order to draft a "declaration of
independence" for the large Mediterranean island.  The purpose is to
establish an independent state (within Italy).  This proposition targets
not only the areas of government, police and finance, but also the areas
of military service, customs and commerce.  The tension in Sicily has
reached a new high point.

The Next Stage Of The Bolshevisation Of Europe.  Stockholm:  There
are signs of a storm brewing in Scandanavia.  Now, for the first time,
the political goal of the Kremlin in northern Europe is being signaled
(becoming clear) from Moscow - to incorporate the nordic countries into
the Bolshevik sphere of influence in order to create a powerful barrier
against the western powers in the North Atlantic.  For example, Moscow
is suddenly calling for the "liberation" of Denmark and Norway as a goal
of the soviet military, and so with this intent wants to claim its own
control over these countries.  The Kremlin naturally seeks to disguise
its intent for these imperialistic plans, but the world is becoming wise
to their ways because of recent past experience.  The world knows that
this slogan of liberation for these countries is nothing but a cloak
that hides the imperialistic plans of Bolshevik expansionist greed.
Poland, the Baltic, and the Balkans all were "liberated" according to
Bolshevik concepts, and now are being bled dry under the dominance of
the kommissars.  The next (countries) are intended to be Denmark and

IN REFERENCE... edition #122 and #156 of "The Handgrenade", as well as the flyer
"Where can the soldier turn to? (for help)", the published contact
information for the foreign branch of the German Red Cross in the
section regarding "Family members who have fallen into enemy hands" is
no longer applicable, effective immediately.  New contact information to
Please cross out section c) "Family members who have fallen into enemy
hands" of the flyer "Where can the soldier turn to?".

Sorry, I was unable to accurately translate the final section of this
newsletter, "Suchdienst für Rückgeführte aus Breslau".
The general purpose of this section, however, appears to be to provide
information to soldiers from the general area of the city of Breslau on
how to furnish their current address (location) via the military to
authorities near home.
Likewise, they are informed that authorities near home (Breslau area)
have been asked to furnish current contact information to the soldiers
from there.