"Mistreatment (abuse) of German POW's by allied soldiers"

                              HOW TO SURRENDER

     Individual soldiers or small groups of up to three men should lay down
their weapons, remove their helmets, raise hands, and either wave a handkerchief
or a leaflet. (Any leaflet can be used as a pass for this purpose)

                        TREATMENT OF PRISONERS OF WAR

1. Decent treatment. German POW's will be treated in accordance with the laws
   of the Geneva Convention, ie, decently and correctly.
2. Immediate removal from the battle front.
3. Appropriate diet. You will be issued the same diet as allied soldiers.
4. Treatment in a military hospital. German wounded and sick will receive the
   same medical attention as allied soldiers.
5. Correspondence privileges. Every prisoner of war may send four postcards and 
four letters home per month.
6. Repatriation. Prisoners of war will be sent home as soon as possible after 
   the end of the war.