GERMAN SOLDIERS!  In order to make sure you continue to fight this war, 
your commanding officers, with the help of your Nazi regime, have 
reported to you what a horrible fate awaits you once you become a 
prisoner of the allies.

THE FIRST LIE:  The allies abuse German POW's and starve them.
These lies don't deserve a counter-statement (rebuttal).  Many of you 
have received letters from relatives, as well as your comrades (who had 
already been taken prisoner) from allied POW camps.
You know the truth:  German POW's are treated decently and properly.

THE SECOND LIE:  German paratroops and Waffen SS troops are treated 
particularly badly, sentenced to prison penalties, or even killed.
The truth is that former German paratroops and Waffen SS troops are 
treated the same as all German troops, ie, fair.


THE THIRD LIE:  German soldiers who had surrendered of their own free 
will (voluntarily) will be subject to prisoner exchanges, and upon their 
return home to Germany, will be shot.
The truth is that prisoners are rarely exchanged, and only if they 
volunteer to do so.

THE FOURTH LIE:  The allies expose (publish) the names of those German 
soldiers who have voluntarily surrendered.
The truth is that the Allies, in accordance with the Geneva Convention, 
never release information about the circumstances under which a German 
soldier is taken prisoner.  Names are only released pending the specific 
permission of the prisoner to the reigning (allied) authorities once he 
is taken prisoner.

THE FIFTH LIE:  German POW's will be detained in Allied work camps for 
many years following the end of the war.
The truth is, that, according to the Geneva Convention, German POW's 
will be returned home as soon as possible after the end of the war.