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Want to contribute something?  Click here.  Make sure to include the name you use in the forum, and a description.
ZIP files are acceptable, but "MSA Display" must be the subject.
Attachments do not auto-execute on my machine.  Don't bother sending anything but pictures.

Feel free to print this, and display it in your window.  I place no copyright on it.
Mauser may take issue with the use of their logo, so I wouldn't recommend publishing it in any form.

JJM98K sent these in.  "First is a BSW 1939 with luftampts( Russian reworked).  Floorplate has been removed and modified with a MG13 magazine.  Took me about 6 hours of metal working to get it all to fit just right.  Just took a MG13 mag and a spare floorplate...and there it is!  Magazine is detachable and K98k can be reconfigured to the 5 shot floorplate.  Nice added firepower...about 25 rounds worth. Bolt action assault rifle!  What would the gun grabbers have to say about this???
Second is my mock-up ZF41 built on a BYF42 mauser action ( bolt and action matched, but stock was sporterized).  Used a stock purchased from "Bergflak" in Norway and a ZF41 scope and can purchased from Robert Jensen.

Mario sent these in of the Yugo that Curtis Keith scoped for him.
He does nice work :)

Thanks to both USCal30M1 and the Garand Collector Association for providing these two pages regarding welded M1 recievers.
The GCA requested that provide both a link, and a snail mail address. Their address is:
P.O. Box 187
Angola, IN 46703

Tom Falley sent these in.  "Swede M41B with Ajax scope, 1943 Izzy M91-30, 1943 Izzy M91-30 (rearsenaled), both with 1944 dated PU scopes. Bolts for comparison are to show difference in sniper bolt from the standard infantry bolt. A much better arrangement on any rifle!"

Tom Falley sent in these two.  As the message in the forum pertaining to them will scroll, here is his description:
"I sent a couple of photos of my FAKE sniper in to Zod, so hopefully they will show up on the display page soon.
This is a M91-30 Mosin Nagant, "Izzy" produced in 1943 as an original sniper rifle and sometime subsequent to that decommissioned as a sniper and returned to service as a standard infantry weapon. It is possible that the original scope was damaged or destroyed and as the fitting process for these scopes is rather laborious it may not have been considered practical to re-scope them. I replaced the scope, which involves a bit more "monkey motion" than one would expect.
The scope is a 1944 production PU, in NEW condition. The optics are quite clear, but being a small tube scope without any "bell", light gathering at dusk is poor. Unlike the scope on my M41 Swede, which has no (except the base) windage adjustment, this scope has it in spades. However the recticle moves in the scope view and becomes quite offset with serious windage or elevation adjustment."

Gewehr sent these in.  Left three, his DSM 34 with zf41 scope, and right three, his S 42/G K98k with some modified Parker hale Appeture sights fitted.  He says "they are fully removable and require no modification to the rifle fitting via the bolt release lever screw.  Recently I have purchased a second bolt release lever and welded the sights to it as this gives a more ridged fit and is easier to change.  Results so far back to 500yds are favourable."

Mario sent these in, and this is his description:
"All I can say is that these scans are from some of the items we found when cleaning out my mother-in-law's house. My wife's father died in '84'-a year before I met her...he never talked about any of his experiences to anyone, what I know I've been able to piece together from some of these things he left behind(pictures, medals, papers)
He was attached to the 5th Army, 804th Tank Destroyer battalion-1943-45,landed in Italy and fought their way up the boot ..somewhere along the way he was sent to the eastern side of Italy-Adriatic -and fought their way all the way up to the Austrian border when the war ended...I have found references to Brenner pass, Bologna, Liguria, Austrian-Bavarian Alps trying to hold up 26 German divisions so they could not be used elsewhere.
The pics are just some in his scrapbook taken along the would take up the whole website to show them all-you see only a few so favorite is the capture papers-BUT NO LUGER OR MAUSER EVER FOUND !!!!!...he must've sold/given them away long ago."

Special thanks to Reinhard for the translations!

This is a M24/47 Yugo "Parts" gun Nelsdou44 made up. He says "Nothing matches, but all parts are correct for a M24/47. Numrich $35 special barrel mated to the receiver by Jemez Gunsmithing. First time out it put 10 rounds of S&B FMJ in a 7X4 inch group at 100 yards."

Pufferbelly sent these.  "This was a bubbrized 1939 S/42, It was my fathers gun, I would still like to get the proper stock for it.  What do youall think?"

MP40 sent this one.  "It's a copy of a cost sheet from a guy (I'll going to omit his name) who goes to gunshows and advertises that he can make these dubious products. You can just guess what people use them for."
Yup, rare Rem 700 SS issues with all the stamps comes immediately to mind.  But, check that death's head.
Just shows how far some will go to falsify a rifle.

Dufel Cut sent these.  The left is a K98k S/42G, 1940 production, with BSA 6-24x40 scope, Weaver Grand Slam bases, Tasco see-thru rings.  On the right, is a Factory 260 Paratrooper, 9th Year of Manufacture, with thread-in barrel. Aftermarket items include: Ram-Line stock, Leapers Mount with Leapers 6x32 scope, Bushmaster G-3 muzzle brake (AK-74 style) and a Russian eyepiece.

jwh2 sent this one in.
Left: ar41 K98k, Middle: Yugo rework K98k(J.P. Sauer), Right: Yugo rework K98k(One waffenamt #655)

Tankdriver found this at a gunshow.  Stock by Mattel? :)
After cleaning it up, he had an all-matching BNZ-45.
Hard to believe it's the same rifle!

ww2buff sent these two in.
Left bottom is a mostly matching JP Sauer & Son 1939 k98k, which he is looking to restore.
Top left and right is his Yugo rebuild (based on the stamps) of a BNZ k98k with the following mods:
Trigger...............Timney Featherweight
Firing Pin Assembly...Speedlock Firing Pin Kit
Scope Mount...........MAUSER 98 SCOPE MOUNT
Scope.................Simmons Prohunter 4-12X

Buck sent these in of his mystery rifle.  Anyone know what it is?

Todd A sent in these pics of his 1940 243 code Kriegsmarine.

Curtis Keith sent in these pics of a Danish M1889 Krag-Jorgensen rifle in 8X58R

Joe Alig sent this pic of his collection
Left to Right: Lithgow SMLE No. 1 Mk. III, M1 Garand, and BYF 1942 K98
Foreground: BYF 1941 P08 Luger

MP40 sent in this pic of his Model 33/40 Carbine. Stamped "dot" and "1942" on the top of the receiver ring. He photographed it from this side of the stock to illustrate the unique sheet steel protector plate for this model.

Billcavazos sent in these pics from his most recent hunt in Africa with a K98k.
The hunting took place in the Thabazimbi Bushveld which is part of the Transvaal Province. Farthest shot taken was 275 yds on the Kudu, which is the pic on the right.  The load he used was provided by a forum member, and looks to be extremely effective.

Bear8mm's Persian 98/29.  This is one of the "collector packages" available a few years ago.  It is an unissued rifle with matching bayo and scabbard and factory test target dated 1936.
Very nice!

Jr1259's CE 41

Jr1259 sent in this picture of his collection
left to right
1- Correct 1944 Winchester M1 Garand
2- Jap. Type 38
3- Sweet, Swede M38
4- Yugo M48A
5- 98K CE 41
6- 1943 SA M1 Garand, arsenal rebuilt

Bullmoose270's first Mauser, a CE44.  He says the barrel has been shortened by a bit more than an inch, and parts from other rifles were used to complete it.

Tankdriver newest aquisition.  The rifle shown in Law's first book: "It is not just like the one there, it IS the one there", as evidenced by a label found under the buttplate.  Fantastic find!

One of Bear8mm's recent aquisitions - a Dragunov Tiger.

DAK's recent thrift shop find.  Makes a nice display cabinet.
Left to Right:
Gustloffwerke KKW .22 trainer
S/243 1936 with grenade launcher
1939 J.P. Sauer unmarked receiver with dual Luftamts
ce42 (vertical script)
bnz42(stamped sszzA4)
byf44 zf-41 sharpshooter's rifle
byf44 High Turret Sniper

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