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Rudy sent these in to show the accuracy of the Sierra 175gr SP.

MauserKteer shot these at 50 yards, demonstrating the effect of load on accuracy.  He will send some 100 yard targets in soon.
All loads were 3.150" OAL, IMR-4895 as noted, with the Remington 185gr PSPCL bullet.  Shot with a K98k Yugo rebuild.
This OAL in this rifle was safe.  Check yours before exceeding recommended cartridge length!

Rudy sent in these targets shot with his MSA Swede in 6.5x55.
Looks like a shooter to me ;)

Rudy's results with a rebarreling.

"The target on the left was shot the 13th with a DOT44/original barrel. I noticed the primers were backing out some and pulled the barrel. I put on what appears to be a brand new, unmarked barrel and tested it today. It is the target on the right.
Both targets are 5 rd grps with Hornady 150 sp, N140 47.5 gr, COL 2.865. The new barrel shot two 5 rd targets of under 1"-I figure this should suffice."


Hornady's performance in Mauser's

DOT44 issue sights with Hornady's 150gr VV N140 47.5gr with bullet seated .020" behind lands.
Scoped DOU44 in next two pictures using the same load data as above.
The two right pictures, DOU44 using Hornady 195gr sp with N150 46.9gr, bullet seated back .020".


Left: Hornady 150 gr, Varget 48.5 COL 2.865
Right: Sierra 200 MK N150 42.1 COL 3.100
5 rnd group size: Hornady 1.501, Sierra 1.665 (issue sights-100 yds)

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