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Keith Boell, 19??-2004 Memorial

A true memorial page should be more about the person him/herself than their beliefs, accomplishments, etc. But what do you say about a person that nobody knew very well? I can do nothing but my best.

What little we know about Keith Boell, is that he was an educator by trade and something of a historian with a special interest in World War II and its weapons. It was this interest that put our life paths in contact with his. It was also this interest that created what we are today.

Keith was a mentor of sorts to the many people who came to him or his website researching the weapons he had such an interest in. It was this, in part, that caused him to be one of the founders of the Mauser Shooting Society/Mauser Shooting Association, as well as his own site and our forum on EzBoard. There is a short history of the organization, written by his co-founder, Rudy Rau, HERE.

Although there were times that life would pull his attention away from the organization, sometimes for weeks at a time, we could always count on him to be there when trouble started and deal with it. He wasn't always easy on troublemakers, but was usually fair in his dealings with them and others.

In the age of computers and the internet, you meet a lot of people that you never see face to face. This was the case of the relationships of most every member of this organization and Keith. But, I think I can honestly say for many of the members of the MSA (myself included) that Keith was one of "The Best Friends I/We Never Met".

Now, the organization and the K98K site will continue to live on, in Keith's memory. We can never thank him enough for all that he has done in the interest of this hobby. Rest in peace, Keith. We love you.



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