MSA Match Results

Manchester, SC

January 25, 2003


First, I would like to thank everyone who participated for making our match a success. We all had a great time!

We had a beautiful, clear, sunny day for shooting. Temperature was about mid 40’s by match time, but with no wind it was pleasant.

We had seven shooters brave the cold. Four shooters in Class I and 4 in Class II (I, Vic Harrelson, shot both classes). Winner of Class I, shooting a RC bnz 43, was Vic Harrelson with a score of 299. Second, shooting a real nice byf 41, was Rick Wise with a score of 293. Winner of Class II shooting a Schmidt-Rubin K-31 1943 Carbine was Vic Harrelson with a score of 284. Second, shooting a Russian m-91 Mosin Nagant was Carl Best with a score of 243-2x. We had no Class III participants.

Overall match winner was Vic Harrelson, with a score of 299. Overall 2nd was Rick Wise with a score of 293.

We had one new shooter, Al McFadden, who just happened by to shoot on the pistol range. He borrowed a Turkish Mauser and some ammo and shot an 88 in class II. Al had a blast and assured me that next time he would bring his own rifle. We had one DNF, Carl Mobley, who had some problems with his Quality Hardware M1 Carbine he was shooting in Class II. Carl was giving us a break by not shooting his H&R Garand. Next time he may not be so charitable. Also worth noting is that Rick Wise was shooting surplus ammo but finished only 6 points behind the winner who was shooting handloads. That was some good shootin’ Rick!

All participants received a free gift of DOG-oil gun oil presented by Darrell ‘DOG’ Golden. All those who didn’t make the match missed out on a freebie!

Be prepared for another match sometime in early March. Carry on.

Robert (Vic) Harrelson [sc-closer]

Regional Shoot Coordinator

Class I
Vic HarrelsonK98k BNZ 1943386973119299Class/Match Winner
Rick WiseK98k byf 1941356257139293Match 2nd
Darrell GoldenK98k Yugo rework241934141218
Glenn Chappell K98k Mauser Banner12184367140
Class II
Vic HarrelsonS-R K-31 Swiss 1943356364122284Class Winner
Carl Best91 Mosin Nagant194173351142243
"" 1-x1-x2-x
Al McFaddenTurk Mauser m/3828584788New shooter w/borrowed rifle
Carl Mobleym1-Carbine/Quality H5361114DNF / Rifle Disabled

MSA Match Results

Manchester, SC

March 8, 2003


The sky was clear and blue, the wind was still and the sun was warm and bright-- A perfect day for a match. Perfect, that is, for the four shooters who came out. The quantity of turnout was a bit disappointing, but the quality was just fine! We had four dedicated Mauser shooters to take advantage of the day's beautiful weather. If you haven't made it to a match yet, you owe it to yourself to come out and join into the fun.

All four shooters shot Class I. Winner of Class I and overall match winner was Vic Harrelson with a score of 267-1x. Vic was shooting his BNZ 43. Rick Wise took second place honors in both class and match with a score of 246. Rick was shooting his newly acquired S/27 1938. Wayne Kesler was 3rd, with a score of 197. Wayne drove all the way over from Newberry and we are happy that he did. After jumping out to an early lead, Joe Phifer was a close 4th with his newly acquired DOT 44. This was Joe's 1st match and we sure hope to see more of him at MSA events soon.

I, Vic Harrelson, was the only participant to bring a Class II weapon to the competition. At first, I wasn't going to shoot it at all since there were no other Class II shooters. But then I decided to shoot anyway, as I know the M1 Garand to be a superior weapon to the K98k and I thought that I could plaster the K98 scores. Well, it didn't quite go as planned as my M1 experienced a freak problem causing me to only manage a 65 on the entire course of fire! There are two morals to this story. First, the K98k can hold it's own in a match for WWII weapons; and Second, if YOU had showed up today with a Class II weapon YOU would have WON THE CLASS! Enough said.

Here are the results:









Class I

Vic Harrelson

K98k BNZ 1943






Class/Match Winner

Rick Wise

K98k S/27 1939






Match 2nd

Wayne Kesler







Joe Phifer

K98k DOT 44






Class II

Vic Harrelson

M1 Winchester 1943






Rifle Malfunction

Stay posted for details of the next match. Carry on.

Vic Harrelson

MSA Regional Coordinator

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